About Gadgets & Design

Why Bother Collecting

InklingWhen it comes to art, many people are more likely to think of paintings like the Mona Lisa than they are to reflect on the design of their smartphone or a the look and feel of the thermostat that controls their home. Even so, these gadgets have become breathtaking statements on how the modern world wishes to convey itself. Their design reflects the values of users around the planet, incorporating intuitive interfaces, sustainable materials, and new technologies that change the very way human life is lived.

Art from various other periods, whether in the form of legendary paintings or exciting sculptures, did exactly the same thing for other societies. That’s why we believe that collecting and showcasing today’s gadgets is an absolute necessity. Today, these tech toys represent our society’s way of expressing itself and showcasing its unique values to future generations. Generally, this breaks down into a few key groups.

Communications Devices

Smartphones, tablets, computers, and much more, all come in stunning designs that evoke a sense of productivity, efficiency, and quality. These designs deserve to be showcased, especially since they’re often worked on by groups of industrial designers and artists who have dedicated their life to this type of design.

Novelty Gadgets

Whether it’s voice recorders, spy kits, bugs, or something else entirely, novelty products have always been collectible in every generation. Today, they simply are as high-tech as they are unique. These products often cater to a very limited niche, making them hard to find and exciting to use.

Technology for Art’s Sake

In addition to functional gadgets that sport stunning designs, there’s a growing market for art that is simply reproduced by technological toys. Consider digital picture frames, or art museum projections of paintings that replicate the real thing. Even guided walking tours and electronic books enhance art from eras past. These gadgets deserve to be recognized just as often.

Plenty of Art in High-Tech Gadgets

We believe that there is a lot of art to be found among today’s most popular high-tech items. From smart watches to spy kits, smartphones to slim laptop computers, there is artistry at work and careful design in play.