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Tips for Designing Your Dream Living Spaces

Tips for Designing Your Dream Living Spaces

By on Feb 4, 2014 in Niche Art

Our dream home is usually a vision. With the actual property, we try to come as close to that vision as possible. It’s not unusual for homeowners to redesign property to bring it closer to their vision. This is a major project and whether you do it yourself or hire contractors, every step is going to require careful planning and implementation.


Even if you are going DIY, before making a single move, chat with an architect or purchase a good piece of software that performs architectural design. This first step is critical because it’s where you clearly define your vision, establish what you can and cannot do, and what you can afford to spend. Make sure you review books, pictures and other architecture sources to see how your ideas align with reality.

Not that you’ve hopefully solidified your vision into concrete ideas, you can start thinking about things like whether you prefer hand built craftsmanship or modern clean lines and what type of windows and doors you want. It would be advantageous to consider green, cost saving construction like a sustainable LEED certified design. Determine if you need rooms for the kids to play and nice quiet spaces to get away from it all.

Even as you’re designing the floor plan, keep in mind how the finalized product will look. What furnishings will be placed where. Picture what kind of cabinets and shelves you’d like to end up with. Consider how you’ll adorn the walls. If you’re going with a more modern look, think about some of those cool digital albums that rotate pictures or a photo printed canvas. Imagine how these items will look with your new windows, doors and paints.

These tips are only a good start but will get you well on your way to your vision.