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The Leica M: High-Tech Gadget Design for a Great Cause

The Leica M: High-Tech Gadget Design for a Great Cause

By on Oct 15, 2013 in Gadgets

For more than a decade, the (RED) charity operated by Bono has been donating proceeds of consumer goods purchases to the fight against the spread of AIDS in Africa. That effort is about to get a big boost, driven by two of the tech world’s largest designers. One of those designers, Jony Ive, is also the lead designer for Apple’s various tech gadgets that command attention from both consumers and the Queen of England on a regular basis.

The Leica M Camera: A Unique Design for the Highest Bidder

Jony Ive volunteered his time to essentially rethink the design of a traditional camera. Of course, his efforts have long boosted the quality of smartphone cameras sold by Apple, so this effort may have been a long time coming even without the encouragement of the (RED) foundation.

The result is a brushed aluminum camera, controlled by gestures, that arrays the flash and other camera controls in an intuitive, semi-spherical way. It’s a drastic departure from modern digital cameras in several ways:

  • Brushed aluminum replaces plastic materials
  • The lens on the front is decided larger and more extendible
  • Thoughtful design allows for better photo quality with fewer megapixels
  • Gesture control is simply more intuitive than competing options

The highest bidder on this redesigned Leica M camera, with exclusive features and great materials, will boost not only the cause of AIDS relief in Africa, but also the very design of future digital cameras still to come.