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Tech-Aware Clothing: The Benefits of Smart Design

Tech-Aware Clothing: The Benefits of Smart Design

By on Jun 14, 2013 in Design

The great thing about today’s smartphones is that they embrace intuitive touch so effortlessly across the board. Originally pioneered by the iPhone, today customers can use capacitive, multitouch displays on BlackBerry devices, Windows Phone models, and Android smartphones. The problem with this, however, makes itself apparent when the winter months arrive. Plagued by months of cold weather, smartphone users put their gloves on and are virtually required to leave their phones off. But why?

Multitouch Hates Gloves, That’s Why

Multitouch is designed to sense the pressure and electromagnetic touch of fingertips or other parts of the body. It’s not very good at sensing the touch of cotton or wool materials, and that means gloves are basically a non-starter. That is, of course, unless smartphone users give the Smart Dreams Sock Glove a chance.

The glove is designed to capacitive fingertips that emit a small charge on when they touch a smartphone screen. This allows the gloves to be virtually invisible, and buyers will regain full use of their smartphone as soon as they put the gloves on.

Thoughtful Design Makes a Difference

The Sock Glove is an example of smart design that relies on technology, but is not actually technological in and of itself. This trend, seen among both independent companies and major retailers, is gaining steam and deserves recognition when it works as well as these gloves do.