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Gadget Season: The Best Holiday Gifts for Gadget Lovers

Gadget Season: The Best Holiday Gifts for Gadget Lovers

By on Oct 10, 2013 in Gadgets

Whether it’s the winter holidays or an upcoming birthdays, gadget lovers are hard to impress and always looking for something new and exciting to learn, use, and extend. That’s why it’s so important to get the right gift for each tech geek. Before heading out to local electronics stores, here’s what to know.

The Smartphone

Virtually everyone has a smartphone, but plenty of people are looking for an upgraded model. This year, the advanced gadget geek of the family is probably looking for an Android-based model, and they probably have their sights set on the phablet-sized Galaxy Note or the relatively popular Galaxy S4. Younger gadget lovers, and those who appreciate great industrial design, will demand an iPhone.


When in doubt, the iPad is always a great holiday gift for those in need of a new or upgraded tablet device. Be sure to wait until closer to the holidays, however, as Apple is currently rumored to have new iPad and iPad Mini devices waiting in the wings for a late-October announcement.

Other Gadgets

For TV lovers, the Roku is a sure bet. Of course, Apple devotees will request an Apple TV instead, since the device connects to their existing high-tech ecosystem. Smart watches, like the Pebble and Samsung’s latest device, are gaining steam and might be a really good idea for the gadget lover who already has everything he or she needs.

Great Ideas for a Full Spectrum of Gadget Lovers

From smart watches to the next generation of smartphones, it’s easy to find something that every gadget fan will love throughout the year. Best of all, tech continues to evolve and that means gadgets will continue to be a great gift choice for many birthdays, Christmases, and other special occasions to come.