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3 Must-Have Gadgets for the Home

3 Must-Have Gadgets for the Home

By on Nov 1, 2013 in Gadgets

Now that most people have bought into the smartphone revolution, and large numbers of others are beginning to take on tablet devices, tech companies are shifting their focus to the home. Specifically, companies are looking for ways to turn everyday chores and functions around the home into connected applications, and cloud-based tools. Others are looking for ways to leverage technology to simply improve comfort. For the gadget geek who wants nothing more than a high-tech home, here are three gadgets that will impress and amaze.

1. The Nest Learning Thermostat

Thermostats are a decidedly design-free zone in most homes, but that’s not true with the Nest Learning Thermostat. The device is designed by an Apple veteran and looks like something that came straight out of Cupertino. It learns homeowners’ habits, adjusting the thermostat up or down as needed, and allowing for control of the home’s temperature on the road using a smartphone application.

2. The Wake-Up Light

Designed by Phillips, the Wake-Up Light sits on a side table by the bed and slowly turns on before it’s time to wake up. By setting an alarm connected to the light, the device knows when to simulate sunrise and when to simulate the midday sun. This makes it possible to wake up without a blaring alarm, which is decidedly refreshing.

3. SmartHydro

Even bathtubs can be made smart and, in the case of SmartHydro, they can be made visually stunning as well. The high-tech bathtub prepares a bath according to specifications set via smartphone or a control panel, preparing the bath at a specified time and on a regular schedule. There’s no need to warm up the water or spend half an hour waiting for the tub to fill. That’s convenience.

Great Gadgets for the Home

From water temperature to air temperature, controlling the home with stunning design and smartphone apps is now easier than ever. For the gadget geek, this is easily a long-held dream come true.