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InklingWhen it comes to art, many people are more likely to think of paintings like the Mona Lisa than they are to reflect on the design of their smartphone or a the look and feel of the thermostat that controls their home. Even so, these gadgets have become breathtaking statements on how the modern world wishes to convey itself. Their design reflects the values of users around the planet, incorporating intuitive interfaces, sustainable materials, and new technologies that change the very way human life is lived.

Cool GadgetsWhat We Do

Major tech companies have moved well beyond the “beige box” era, when virtually every desktop computer or high-tech gadget came in a boxy design, complete with beige coloring and the occasional gray accent work. That’s a refreshing change of pace, and it’s one that our website was designed to showcase. Today’s electronics, tech gadgets, and high-tech toys sport all kinds of interesting designs and features that can captivate various audiences and change the way they live their daily lives. That fascinates us, and it’s why we are dedicated to showcasing these gadgets.

Our website is a showcase of the ways that art, design, and modern technology¬†combine¬†to make life easier, more attractive, and more productive. This area is only growing over time, and we can’t wait to further showcase it as it evolves.

We Believe in the Intersection of Design, Art, and Technology

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